Hey there! Welcome to The Waste Not Spot – the place where our wild passion for ​sustainability meets the art of helping businesses support more circular practices. Our journey ​is a testament to the transformative power of the belief that each of us can play a key role in ​protecting our planet.

Meet Caitlyn, Our Founder

Born and raised in the heart of Wisconsin, USA, Caitlyn’s initial path led her ​to a career in physiotherapy, making her first move overseas to Australia to ​do so. For seven years, she dedicated herself to helping individuals regain ​their physical well-being, but she felt something bigger was calling to her.

Caitlyn’s passion for sustainability sprouted from the fertile soil of her ​Wisconsin roots. As she observed the delicate balance of nature around ​her, she felt an undeniable calling to protect it. With unwavering ​determination, she embarked on a new path - one that would allow her to ​create a profound impact on a global scale.

In pursuit of her newfound passion, Caitlyn transitioned from the world of ​physiotherapy to the dynamic realm of local government, where she ​learned the intricacies of policy-making and the importance of fostering ​sustainability practices within communities.

As she delved deeper into the world of sustainability, Caitlyn’s vision ​expanded beyond her local surroundings. She yearned to be at the ​forefront of the global movement to combat climate change and promote ​sustainable living.

With a heart full of ambition and a world full of potential, Caitlyn embarked ​on a life-changing journey, relocating to the Netherlands to found The ​Waste Not Spot, a bridge connecting businesses, not-for-profits and ​governments to sustainable strategies that transcend borders.

Our Global Footprint

Today, The Waste Not Spot has a presence in both the Netherlands and Australia, increasing opportunities ​for global collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are committed to educating, fostering sustainable ​innovation and helping organisations worldwide make the transition to circular business practices.

At The Waste Not Spot, we believe that sustainability is not just a choice; it’s a necessity! Our story is a ​testament to the power of passion and the endless potential of dedicated individuals. We invite you to be a ​part of our journey, as we work together in ‘Making Circularity a Reality!’

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The Waste Not Spot recognises the many traditional land owners around the world and their continued stewardship of our planet. We pay our respects and offer our deepest gratitude.

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